Påsken på Fyn 2014

Orienteringsløb for hele familien – d.17-18 & 19 april.

Påsken på Fyn 2014 - Orienteringsløb for hele familien  –  d.17-18 & 19 april.

1st Stage

The first stage is in Sollerup / Svanninge Bjerge (“Mountains”).


Sollerup Forest is a state owned forest managed by the Danish Nature Agency. Sollerup Forest extends from Arreskov Lake in the northeast to Svanninge Bjerge in the southwest. The forest is located in a hilly terrain with a mixture of open tall beech forest, denser spruce thickets and open grasslands. The forest is the core habitat of the rare hazel dormouse.

Arreskov Lake is Funen’s largest lake. Bittern, White-tailed Eagle, Honey Buzzard and Common Tern and several species of geese and ducks are all nesting in the area. The majority of the lake is a wildlife sanctuary.

The forest constitutes a part of a larger natural area with primitive camping areas and many outdoor opportunities.

Sollerup Forest, with its many trails, is suitable for beginners in orienteering and hosts together with Svanninge Bjerge, separated by Silkeåen (Silk Creek),  the first stage of the Easter 3-days 2014. In order to connect the two forests the Danish Nature Agency and Bikubenfonden have jointly constructed a new bridge in the eastern part of the forest.

Sollerup Forest is widely used for training for the Funen orienteering clubs, and is one of the few forests on Funen, which is also mapped for MTB-O.

The event site is located on a large hilly pasture in the northern end of the forest.

Kort Sollerup

Svanninge Bjerge (Mountains) forms the central part of the so-called Funen Alps. Svanninge Bjerge is owned and operated by Bikubenfonden, which acquired the western part of the forest, formerly known as Stensgaard Forest, in 2006 and the eastern part Knagelbjerg in 2007 and is now called Svanninge Bjerge.

Svanninge Bjerge

Svanninge Bjerge is a hilly mixed forest with large grasslands, grazed by Welsh Black breed of cattle.

From the forest’s highest point, Lerbjerget at 126 m, it is possible to see large parts of the Archipelago of Southern Funen.

The forest is intersected by a well-preserved stone wall, which is the old parish boundary and once also the border between the two estates Brahesminde and Brahetrolleborg.

When the character of the forest on either side of the stone wall today is so different, it is caused by the fact that the owners on either side, especially during the 1900s, chose to cultivate the forest very differently.  The latest orienteering race in Svanninge Bjerge was in 2012 when the day legs of the traditional Midgårdsormen relay were run in the southwestern part of the forest. In 2010 the Danish Championships for teams took place in the northeastern part. The Easter 3-days 2014 will take place mainly in the northern and middle parts.

Kort Svanninge