Påsken på Fyn 2014

Orienteringsløb for hele familien – d.17-18 & 19 april.

Påsken på Fyn 2014 - Orienteringsløb for hele familien  –  d.17-18 & 19 april.

Bulletin 2

Mapping and course planning has almost been completed. The storms Allan and Bodil have caused that there has been a lot of work for both map makers and course planners through the winter, so now we pray that there will be no more stormy weather before the race. The forest districts are working hard to clean up, but it can be expected that there will still be areas with some fallen trees at Easter. Depending on the nature and extent of the fallen trees , these areas will either be displayed with the general runnability signatures or by a special marking on race cards. There will be more information about this in a later news and race instruction.
The invitation has been revised on a number of points . The main changes can be seen in the following :

  • There will be screened areas for open-air changing
  • Overnight staying at the event centres or parking areas is strictly forbidden
  • Buying vacant courses will not make it possible to participate in neither the overall competition nor the chase start at Stage 3. At the 3rd stage vacant start times will be after the chase start.
  • In classes with the difficulty Green and White there will be put-and-run. There will be no chase start on the 3rd stage in these classes.
  • If clubs arrive in buses, it should be mentioned at the registration.

For participants in the children’s courses, we can reveal that the first stage is a ride on the jungle path with Mowgli and Baloo . On the 2nd stage Thye castle ruin will be haunted and on stage 3 there will be a knightly expedition with princesses and dragons in the Manor Park at Holstenshuus . All children participating in the 3rd Stage will get a medal.
You can see the complete revised invitation by clicking here : Easter_3_days_invitation
Changes in the invitation are indicated in red.

Oprydning i skoven